New Zealand Retailers Targeted by Cyber Attackers

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Online security is a constant battle. Recently, a government-backed agency has released information showing that a number of NZ businesses including a large NZ retail store had been targets of cyber criminals.  We have also seen the number of hacking … Read More

The New Google “Hummingbird” Search Algorithm

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Google has recently released their new ‘Hummingbird’ Search Algorithm – so what does this mean for you and your website? Apparently, ‘Hummingbird’ has been up and running for a month or two now – Google managed to keep it quiet … Read More

UK USA Website Design & International Marketing

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With staff backgrounds in the UK and USA, and a growing list of clients, we understand the differences and similarities that these Western countries have with each other. Specific audience demographics are an important factor to consider for any business, … Read More

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