Change Payment Method on my account

When you receive an invoice for a service it should display the payment options on it.

Generally, you will see that there are two options: Payment by;

A) Bank Transfer (for New Zealand customers only, can take up to 3 working days to show on your account)

B) Credit Card (all customers, instant payment method, convenience fees may apply)

Which Payment Method Should I use?

It's up to you - keep in mind the following:

Payment Type Pros Cons


Credit Card

  • "Set and Forget" only need to update the card after it expires.
  • Automatic Payment - no need to log in and pay
  • Instant payment method - renew services directly
  • Up to 60 days interest free on your credit card
  • Predictable payment date 
  • Have to remember to update it when it expires (we will send you an email)
  • A convenience fee may apply


Bank Transfer

  • Manage your payments your way
  • No convenience fees
  • Can set up payment in advance
  • Have to remember to do it (manual)
  • Can be slow - up to 3 business days
  • Risk of being missed

Change Payment Method

If you don't see the option that you prefer, or if you need to change the default method of payment on your account, you can login and do so from within your profile as follows;

1) Login

2) Click on the navigation link "Billing" and then "invoices"

3) Select an invoice that is due - or past due

4) Choose the Payment Method you prefer in the invoice dropdown and then make payment.

Add Credit Card to Your Account

You can also add a credit card to your account so that you can use it for future payments or in emergencies for late payments.  Credit cards details are not held on our server, but are encrypted and held in a highly secure, PCI comliant third party payment processor.

1) Login

2) Click on the navigation link "Billing" and then "Payment Methods"

3) Complete the card details

4) Click "Save Changes" and you are done.

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