Change Payment Method on My Account

We offer multiple payment options.  You can choose a payment method for all services, or you can 'mix and match'.  For example, you may pay for your domain names using a credit card, your hosting with Direct Debit and other services by Bank Transfer.  You can set these options in your account, against each service / product.

For full details of all payment options, please view this article.


How to change payment method

1) Login to your Purple Dog account:

2) Click on the navigation link "Billing" and then "My Invoices";

3) Select an invoice that is due - or past due;

4) Choose the Payment Method you prefer in the invoice dropdown and then make payment.


Default Payment Method On Your Entire Account

If you wish to change ALL of your account services to use a single payment method, you can set the default payment method in your client account Payment Methods page


For more information on how to pay, please see "How Can I Pay?"


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