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Auckland businesses are healthy – but it’s time to invest properly in ecommerce

Auckland was recently voted one of the top 10 cities in the world to live in, and recently in another global survey it was voted 7th best value place to visit.

Hardly surprising then that over 1million people choose to make it their home and in turn, their place of work.  With the city attracting so many people, it goes without saying that business is vibrant.

Of course there are a plethora of companies providing Auckland webdesign services, not to mention a whole range of other services such as emarketing, SEO tune ups, Google campaigns and so on – just like in any other city in the world.

So where is Purple Dog in all this?  Our Auckland webdesign services are distinctly localised.  We have worked with many city businesses, providing a range of services (website design, consulting and so on).  In particular, having worked in the Auckland e-commerce website industry for a number of years, we do feel able to speak authoritatively on this subject.

We’ve completed a number of Auckland webdesign projects and our direct involvement in several enterprises that run online shops, both retail and wholesale, have provided us with valuable insight into setting up, running and managing these often complex operations.

Specifically, we have extensive skill in understanding how to create both effective functionality and attractive UI (user Interface) for both the front end and admin (backend) – and wrapping all of that up in excellent customer service!

If all the growth predictions of online shopping come true (New Zealand is lagging behind Australia and Europe in terms of the amount of online sales, per capita), you can expect to see a much greater percentage of retailers moving towards online shopping.

It’s also interesting to note that currently, many of the big retailers are not really doing justice to the e-tailing model.  Without naming names, it’s easy to see why the big electronics retailers here stick to the old model (bricks and mortar) – they’ve invested so much capital in buying / leasing space in the ever burgeoning retail “parks”.

Looking at some of the ecommerce stores from these big companies, you’d be forgiven for thinking ecommerce was not a serious revenue channel.  But you’d be wrong.  Online sales must surely grow exponentially – in line with the global trend.  Therefore, if you’re not selling online, you’re missing out – now’s the time to get cracking.

Purple Dog has many years experience in assisting businesses with their online presence and ecommerce.  We are local to Auckland and provide website design, webhosting email marketing, and a range of services to all Auckland businesses.  Unlike other Auckland webdesign companies, we do not charge the earth… and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer fast, efficient services (with real people assisting you).  You can’t beat personalised service like that!

We are proud to of the fact that we have a wide range of Auckland based customers – ranging from travel companies to restaurants, cafes, clothing and sports e-tailers, and more !  Our Auckland website design services are fully bespoke – so no “off the shelf” products here.

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