Club Purple Client Reports Are Here!

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We are pleased to announce that all Club Purple members will soon be receiving monthly website activity reports.

The report is sent as a PDF via email and will show an overview of activity on your website for the preceding period. We expect to start sending these reports in the next few days and so long as you remain a Club Purple member, you should continue to receive your report on a monthly basis, either on the last day or the first day of the month.

Club Purple Client reports – What Do I Get?


The report displays the following summary information

  1. Website domain
  2. Reporting period
  3. Backups Performed: The number of times your website and / or databases have been backed up

The next section looks at Google Analytics Data

  1. New Visits: Number of visitor “hits” on your website during the time period
  2. Visits: Total number of “hits”, including return visitors on your website during the time period
  3. Unique visitors: Number of absolutely new (never visited before) visitors
  4. % New visits: New vs returning visitors
  5. Page views: How many pages on your site were viewed
  6. Bounce rate: How many visitors arrived on your website home page, and then immediately left
  7. Average visit duration: The average amount of time (in seconds) visitors stayed on your website

The next section deals with updates to your site software

  1. Plugins updated: How many plugins / software apps were updated on your site. This does not show if no updates were performed
  2. WordPress updated: Was WordPress core software updated? This does not show if no updates were performed
  3. Uptime Monitoring: Shows whether you site uptime monitor is active
  4. Visitor Traffic Watch: This indicates if your site is being monitored for unusual traffic spikes (large volumes of unexpected visitors)
  5. Malware Scanning: This indicates if your site is under the protection of our enhanced security programme


Overall, we hope you’ll agree this report will give you, our valued customer, an interesting and useful overview of activity on your website – both from a visitor statistical point of view, and from the management perspective in terms of what we are doing to help keep you website safe. If you wish to “drill-down” into the Google Analytics data, just let us know (you will need to have a Google email address to access the Google Analytics website).

Future Plans

Client Reporting is a work in progress and we have a number of plans to introduce further information, including charts and graphs to make it visually more attractive and easier to read.

If you feel there’s something we are missing, or you have a question, we would be happy to hear from you – just get in touch!

More information on Club Purple and how to join can be found here