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Devonport New Zealand
Devonport on the North Shore (Photo courtesy of PhilipC)

When I first came to New Zealand, back in 2001, I recall one of my first trips to Devonport, which was for a meeting with a webdesign company to discuss working together.

I was impressed with how picturesque this historic little “Auckland village” suburb was with its seaside feel and arty flavour.  That website design company since moved to the big city, leaving local businesses without access to local expertise.

Having visited Devonport businesses many times since, for a number of years now, I feel that Purple Dog offers a genuine understanding of this little economic enclave.

Yes, there’s the issue for many local businesses of how to attract tourists after all, Devonport is a destination in itself.  However, particularly where ecommerce (online shoppping) websites are concerned, the wider issue is how to market yourself or your product, nationally and / or globally, whilst retaining that all important localised flavour.

e same principals apply to Devonport websites, that apply to Waiheke Island business websites (and all websites in general):  good design, great functionality and the ability to easily manage the site properly.

Success does not come without effort and we are experts in providing personalised, honest guidance on how to optimise your existing website, or what aspects to think about when considering a new one.  In addition, we don’t just design sites, we also follow up with a range of services to ensure your website can be easily found online.

My understanding of the local Devonport business environment puts me in the best position to offer relevant and localised digital emarketing services – but at a fraction of the cost of the big city boys!  So, in summary, engage with a webdesign business that really understands the local marketplace!

What we offer to Devonport businesses:

  • Free consultation
  • Localised Devonport Webdesign Services
  • Tourist based websites (online booking)
  • eMarketing services to enhance your existing site


Drop us a line to get in touch so that we can provide further information and pricing on our services.