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Are you missing opportunities?
Are you missing opportunities?
  • Worried about poor website results?
  • Want to know what you can improve?
  • Wondering what you’re missing?

Get a free online business health check !

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When dealing with new clients, I enjoy finding out all about their line of work, why they do it, their loves and hates and what they would like (or need) to change or improve. I’m often surprised at how many businesses are missing out on golden opportunities.

Typically, business owners tend to spend a lot of time and effort developing their business processes, products and skills and delivering services – which is all very understandable, given that these are, after-all, the heart of their enterprise.

However, this can sometimes mean essential marketing practices get left out – either because it’s in the “too hard basket”, there’s not enough time, strict budget constraints, or simply a lack of knowledge or awareness.  Some of the obvious signs;

  • Poor website, badly designed, not generating results
  • Wrong, little or no promotion
  • Lack of social media presence, lack of updates or both

If this sounds a bit like your business – or you’re just curious to find out more, we’d like to offer you a free consultation* to help you understand what aspects of your digital presence could be improved upon, how best to achieve such improvements and at what cost.

We’ll look at your website design, website content, social media presence, emarketing activities and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  We’ll provide you with our recommendations and it’s up to you to decide what to do next.

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* 1 x free consultation (30 – 60 minutes duration), via phone / Skype or at your premises (if local) at a mutually agreeable time / date.  No further obligation required.


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