Free Websites for Essential Community Organisations

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Purple Dog Offers A Free Website For Essential Community Organisations
Purple Dog Offers Free Website services For Essential Community Organisations

Purple Dog is proud to announce a new project to support Essential Community Organisations and Charities by providing free websites (or reduced cost website) design, skills, training and time to assist you in developing your online presence.

Do you work in, or know someone that works in an Essential Community Organisation or a charity? If so, read on to find out about getting a free website (or reduced cost website) from Purple Dog Design.

Most of us work rest and play within a community, whether large or small.  Within our communities are a large number of organisations and charities providing every service imaginable.  Many of these are on the smaller side and offer support services on a not-for-profit basis.  We like to call these “Essential Community Organisations” or ECOs – they are often funded entirely by local grants or donations.

These ECOs and charities provide targeted support services for a wide range of subjects; from animal welfare, to anti-domestic violence, child support, helping homeless persons, low income families… and the list goes on.

Purple Dog, in the spirit of wanting to give back and support the community, and in recognition of the outstanding service these groups provide, has launched a project where Essential Community Organisations can receive free websites (or reduced cost website), training and consultation time.  Charities and other not for profits organisations can also apply.


To be eligible to apply, the organisation must be;

  • located in New Zealand
  • a registered charity or significantly recognised organisation
  • staffed by at least 1 full time member of staff (or equivalent)
  • funded primarily by donations, grants or equivalent (e.g. non commercial in its essence of being)
  • not-for-profit or NGO

The Offer

  • We are happy to donate either a free website (or reduced cost website) with Content Management System included
  • Design to be agreed. Your staff to provide all content / images
  • ECO staff to self manage or take our maintenance offer: Club Purple
  • Free training to 1 person
  • Option to include other useful low cost add-on services, if required
  • Communications to take place via phone / Skype / Email or if local, face to face.

Fine print

  • This offer is genuine and made in good faith. We are committed to providing a free website (or reduced cost website) to organisations that meets the criteria.
  • The exact cost and nature of the offer will be determined at our discretion, upon receipt of your application.
  • Organisations not meeting all of the criteria will be considered on merit.
  • All applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis.
  • Free website are not unlimited! We also have limited resources and cannot promise to fulfil every request.
  • Purple Dog reserves the right to decline an application and we reserve the right to cancel or amend this offer at any time.
  • Offer does not include any existing costs you may have (contractual or otherwise) or any additional or new hosting / disbursement or other fees that might be incurred on you behalf.

How To Apply

Please submit an application here 

Ensure that you include all the details relevant for your organisation and we will be in touch.


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