Google Terminating Gsuite / Google Apps Free Edition

Google Terminating Gsuite / Google Apps Free Edition

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For anyone lucky enough to have grabbed themselves a Google Gsuite / Google Apps free edition, it’s bad news I’m afraid – Latest news: Google Terminating Gsuite / Google Apps Free Edition

Yes, Google has announced that it is pulling the plug on its old free legacy edition – you’ll have to start paying for your email and apps again!

But really, you had a good run!  Google Apps free edition was started 16 years ago, in around 2006, when Google decided to get into the Email and business apps market.  Since then, it changed names to GSuite – and now it has become Google Workspace.

Why Is Google Terminating Gsuite / Google Apps Free Edition?

Google Apps / GSuite legacy free edition will no longer be available starting July 1, 2022. As to why this is happening, Google simply says “we discontinued this service, and we will now transition all remaining users to an upgraded Google Workspace paid subscription”.  So there is no choice if you wish to continue with your Google account, you’ll need to either upgrade to Google Workspace paid version, or dump Google in favour of another service provider.

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How To Upgrade to Google Workspace

Meanwhile, if you do have a legacy free version, Google says:

Upgrading from your G Suite legacy free edition to Google Workspace will only take you a few short steps and is not disruptive to your end-users. To support you in this transition, you will have discount options for 12 months after July 1, 2022.

  • To avoid disruption and maintain your Google account(s), please upgrade to Google Workspace by May 1, 2022.
  • Go to your Google Legacy Free Edition Admin console.
  • Select your new subscription offering.
  • Enter your billing information.

Once you’re upgraded, you can use your new Google Workspace subscription and functionality at no-cost until at least July 1, 2022. If you take no action by May 1, 2022, Google will begin upgrading your organization seamlessly to a new Google Workspace subscription. The new subscription will be based on what you currently use with your G Suite legacy free edition. If you do not enter your billing details before July 1, 2022, your subscription will be suspended

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