Evaluating Your Online Security

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We frequently see reports of Spam and “Phishing” emails in our support queue.  In the media, we read about “Ransomware” and other online security concerns – usually high profile Hacking or DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks. The hacking of Yahoo … Read More

Rock IT Acquired by Purple Dog Design in Association with Waiheke Techs

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Purple Dog Design Ltd, in association with Waiheke Techs Ltd, are pleased to announce the formal alliance between Purple Dog Design Ltd and Waiheke Techs Ltd, in relation to the takeover, management and servicing of the Rock-IT business on Waiheke … Read More

Stay safe from hackers

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Consider this scenario; You live in a house that’s insured. It has a smoke alarm installed to protect your family in the event of a fire. When you go off to work in the morning, you lock your house to … Read More

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