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Matiatia, Waiheke Island
Matiatia, the stunning gateway to Waiheke Island

Although this is titled Waiheke Island Web Design, it should probably be called something like Waiheke Island Web Services, because that would be more accurate!

We offer all of our services to Waiheke Island businesses (and residents if applicable!), not just web site design!

That being said, we do hold Waiheke close to our hearts for a number of reasons – not least because it’s a truly magical place, especially in the Summer – and a great place to live and work.

We’ve worked with many businesses on Waiheke, from car rental, through to Vineyards (of which there are many, yum yum slurp), cafe’s and more.

We understand the mentality of business in this small, yet beautiful location. Personally, I think that does matter… although you might be able to find a webdesign company that offers cheap deals, if they don’t really understand your market (we understand Waiheke Island very well!), then it’s just a faceless company you’re dealing with and you’re spending your money and time on a project that might not be best suited to you.

If you’re a Waiheke Island business, looking for quality Waiheke Island webdesign, website hosting, domain names, email marketing…. well, just about any digital service that a company needs these days, then you need to talk to Purple Dog.

We love Waiheke Island! And what’s more, we promise all Waiheke Island businesses that we’re competitive and offer value for money.  Keep it local.  Get in touch with us here to discuss your needs.

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  1. Nigel

    Waiheke is indeed a fantastic place!

    Good to know there is a webdesign company on waiheke as we’ll be starting a new venture soon and will need some assistance. Do you offer a full service? If you could please give me a call on [number removed by admin] to discuss I’d be grateful, thanks Nigel

    • Sol Harris

      Hi Nigel, yes we offer a full range of services (have a look here)

      We’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements shortly.

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