Waiting for the iPad2

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Sitting in the pub recently, and then more recently in a meeting, then on public transport, and even at the local cafe…..Seems everyone has an IPAD these days – those cute little portable Apple screen-computers.   Yes, I confess I’m a little green with envy!

Well, OK not really green and not really envious – more like itching and curious – mostly from the perspective of “can this thing really be used as a serious work tool, or is it more of a fun toy?” After messing around with one for a while, I was not convinced that it wouldn’t end up being a great and fun learning toy for my kids.

Judging from many of my friends, it’s the be all and end all of modern gadgetry – easy to carry around, and full of typical Apple innovation apps, so no surprise that it should be so popular.  Why haven’t I got one yet?  Simple – no front facing camera – come to that – no camera at all and no USB interface. A clever move on the part of Mr Jobs et al to enable them to slowly roll up ever-more powerful and increased functionality with each additional version.

I’m waiting patiently for the announcement of the IPad 2 release date – which is expected to be around February 2010, and likely to be available in stores around Q1 2012. Version 2 is largely expected to include the front facing (AKA facetime) camera and additional connectivity features. You may see me hanging around outside a certain technology store twiddling my thumbs at that point!

The question remains whether I will then be able to design websites, perform marketing services and generally service my clients needs whilst sitting on the beach, under an umbrella, sipping margarita’s.  Yes, that old fantasy that all working people have to minify the workplace (though seriously, let’s be honest – who’d really want to work in such a disruptive, sweaty, bright and grain-of-sand-dangerous environment anyway!)

Years ago as a boy, I remember watching sci-fi (we are talking 70’s here) and the likes of Blake 7, Doctor Who and Space 1999 – the technology used in those programmes always had the wow factor – such as little holographic images, computers that were voice controlled and of course time travel.  But it’s hard to not feel a bit cheated by some of those old “technology promises”.

Another favourite childhood recollection is of a commercial (I can’t recall what it was for) where the actor Peter Davidson appeared on a wristwatch video camera as his wife said “Put the dinner on I’ll be home in 20 minutes”!  A quick Google search reveals that there appears to be very little on the market (except this LG watch phone) .  Another Apple product – the iPhone 4 – seems to have captured that technology demand.

Seems my thoughts for the day have inadvertently become an advert for Apple and LG phones!  Well, the intention was simply to point out that this technology is all well and good so long as it works for you.  Personally, I think the iPad2 will be much more popular (even if it doesn’t make the margarita’s) – so bring it on!

Right, I’m off to watch Tron (the remake) – let’s hope it’s as good as the original which was was of course, another of my favourites from the 70’s – talk about technology taking over!

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