WordPress Continues to Dominate the CMS/Blog Landscape

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Wordpress popularity chart
Chart showing how WordPress continues in popularity (2013)

There’s no denying that blogging & website usage has changed in the last few years, with the arrival of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

For many of us, what we used to blog about on our website or in news articles, we now publish to social networks as a short snippet!

But that is not to say that blogging & website news articles are dead. Take this one for example – you’re reading it aren’t you? :-0)

So there is still a place and a point to writing news articles on your website – firstly, it’s always going to be good for your website visitors to see up to date information and secondly, the search engine bots who love to crawl website content, will be kept in work for a few more years!

In fact, research recently released shows that the WordPress platforms continues to climb in popularity. The 2013 study, indicates that WordPress as a blog or Content Management System (CMS) is now being used by 52% of the top 100 blog sites, up from 48% in 2012.

With over 65 million WordPress sites in the world, it’s not too difficult to see why the open source platform’s customer base keeps growing.  Site owners and administrators love it because it’s easy to learn, easy to publish articles with and easy to manage.  And clearly the development community love it – the development team alone is numbered in the several hundreds (the fact that it is open source may explain why), the development roadmap is clearly defined and the user community extremely active and vibrant.

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”
[From www.wordpress.org]

To get a sense of WordPress’ growth trend, in 2009, WordPress was the blogging platform of choice on just 32 percent of the top 100 blogs — this has risen to 52% while no other platform has been able to increase their share in a meaningful way:

CMS chart
CMS / Blogging Platform Comparison Chart 2013 vs 2012


WordPress will continue to be popular because it’s loved by so many.  However, the beauty of the technology is that the art of building customised websites has become even more enjoyable.  The ever-evolving platform is intuitive and powerful, yet flexible enough for any purpose.

So if you’re wondering about what kind of website you need, or thinking about a website refresh, talk to Purple Dog about how WordPress can be put to work to maximise your company’s exposure.



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