Fine Cruising Email Newsletter
Fine Cruising Email Newsletter
Fine Cruising Email Newsletter

Fine Travel & Fine Cruising offer a range of travel related products and services from flights, to holiday packages, travel insurance and beyond. They specialise in cruising and Business Class packages.

With a large customer subscriber database built up over the years through loyal, repeat customers, the marketing needs were becoming difficult and unwieldy to manage in-house.

The owner of the business, Paul Collins asked Purple Dog about our eMarketing newsletter writing services.

We now regularly provide the design, content writing and campaign report tools that provide the subscribers with regular, interesting emails and the business with an efficient and cost-effective solution.

If Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Regular email users (like me) will know how annoying it can be to receive poorly written, uninteresting emails.  These usually go straight to the bin, spam and most often never get read at all.

When you’re selling travel products, images are essential.  Purple Dog provides the images for the Fine Travel and Fine Cruising newsletters and, following the brief provided, writes the articles too.

We do our best to keep the articles brief, focussing on the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) factor, as well as providing essential information to encourage the reader to click on the “read more” button – and therefore visit the website.

Open and read rates for these emails are generally very high and this is a positive activity for the business that leads to greater website visitors, enhanced branding recognition and ultimately sales.


Sol has quickly become a valued member of our team. I have worked with Sol for a few months now and he has quickly become a valued member of our team.

He does posses an in depth knowledge of website design and online marketing and is able to effectively communicate how you can best take advantage of the online environment.

He meets agreed deadlines and does not overprice his services.
Paul Collins, Business Owner, Fine Travel Ltd

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