Ostend Medical Centre

Doctors!  Let’s face it, they are really great people! Looking after us when we feel unwell and quite honestly, they are super-heroes of any community – especially when you consider that they have to spend many hours a day in front of ….sick people (how do they always stay so healthy!?)

Yes – thank the heavens for our medical staff – Doctors and GPs (and nurses too!) – and obviously, the surgeries they work in are staffed by some amazing people too!

So it was with great pleasure that Sol at Purple Dog Design was willing and able to take lots of photos of Doctors, nurses and the staff at Ostend Medical Centre and subsequently build a website around the services offered.

Ostend Medical Centre is actually part of the Waiheke Health Trust, so it was really an interesting project, discovering more about how the entire Trust runs and discussing the various aspects with the practice managers.

It gave me great satisfaction to present the medical centre with a new website that they can be proud of – and a valuable tool that they can use to engage with the community – to keep us all as healthy and happy as possible!

website: ostendmedical.org.nz