Ostend Motors - Waiheke Service Station

Local service station Ostend Motors have wanted a website for years but were never quite convinced.  Until recently, owner John Melville believed that as a traditional local business, the majority of his customers came from repeat business and “walk ins”.

Then he started to receive more email enquiries and now understands that having a website (and a facebook presence) is a good way to increase the visibility of the business and attract new customers.

Our website design service includes free consultancy and we make it our first priority to fully understand our clients’ business, their current challenges, future goals and objectives. By doing this, we can ensure the completed website fully reflects all of these considerations and serves the business effectively.

Ostend Motors now has a shiny new website – complete with on-site photography provided by Purple Dog.  Another business owner is happy and we are pleased to be able to offer our expertise to a valuable local business.

Visit their website here and also their Facebook page