The Garden Party Factory - Handmade Ceramics

When we were first approached by Peter Baigent of The Garden Party Factory, it was immediately obvious that their products were wonderful.  Made by Peter and his team, the handmade ceramics are designed to reflect the cultural and natural beauty and diversity of New Zealand.

It was clear that these magnificent products now deserved to be shown off in all their glory.  The new website also needed to be easy to update and kept “fresh”.  We decided on design with a big and bold font page that would display the product immediately to the visitor.

The website features a product gallery (with product photography services provided through our partner Gabe Braly of Island Photography) that the customer can keep up to date, a stockist page complete with geo-location indicator and a news “blog” so that staff can write articles.

A common issue encountered by many wholesaler businesses is the online shop potentially conflicting with existing retailers.  To counter that issue, visitors can contact their local stockist – or email the factory shop for a list of seconds on sale.    Visit the site to take a look:

Peter had this to say:

Web designer Sol Harris from Purple Dog Design created the functionality, structure and design of the site. I was there occasionally to poke and tweak, but it was a very straightforward and enjoyable experience.  Sol is very easy to work with, and he did a great job.

Peter Baigent – Owner The Garden Party Factory