Time on your hands website screenshot

Time On Your Hands is a small consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia.  They provide SME’s, domestic customers and community based organisations with services to facilitate  improved organisational efficiency, along with a range of other services.

The owner, Bronwyn Tutty, approached Purple Dog as a result of a referral. Their old website was looking tired and was increasingly hard to maintain.  They wanted a refreshed site that would look vivid, offer easy navigation and provide enhanced editing capabilities so that it could be kept up to date with the companies latest news and showcase interesting articles using a blog.

After several meetings (via Skype), we agreed the nuts and bolts of the project – and away we went to produce the site.

Simple & Green

Here’s what we came up with – a clean, functional and easy to use site (click the images to enlarge)

* A front page slideshow
* Vivid colour scheme
* Blog and content management system
* Dynamic dropdown menu
* Scrolling testimonials
* …and rich content and images provided by the customer and edited by us.

The Client’s Response

Sol, thank you for doing a great job on my website. My original website I designed and put together myself, it was a bit of a fumble, hence my decision to use an actual Web Developer to create a newer and professional site, you successfully created just that. It was good to work with you and a relief to know I could request site changes and you would do what you do best and implement those. I’m incredibly grateful for all the work you’ve done and appreciate your patience with me in coming up with the finished product.
Bronwyn Tutty, Business Owner, Time On Your Hands

Visit Time On Your Hands website: www.toyh.com.au