Custom Solutions
Custom solutions to fit your needs

As a one-stop-shop solutions provider, we are pleased to offer customers who require additional or specialised functionality, a range of customised solutions. These could range from any of the following;

  • software integration
  • software upgrades
  • bug-fixes
  • app integration
  • custom script development
  • existing functionality enhancement

In particular, we offer managed solutions to enable our clients to focus on the core aspects of the business.

This could be anything from managed email marketing, content management writing services (e.g. for website, PR copy, and other advertising mediums), managed advertising campaigns (e.g. print advertising), general business consultancy and more.

We recognise that no two companies’ needs are the same and as such, custom solutions are ‘tailor-made’. Custom solutions offer the best result for more complex needs.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, we’d be happy to provide a quote.


Recent Client Comments

Education Website design

I first approached Sol to help me with ecommerce advice for my educational consultancy business in early 2018. We met frequently during 2018 and through till October 2019 when we launched.

During these meetings I always found Sol to be knowledgeable, amicable and very helpful. We would brainstorm ideas (often instigated by him) and he would action them for me until both of us felt comfortable with the results. I have had excellent feedback from colleagues all around the world who have found our offering ‘exciting’, ‘accessible’ and ‘very comprehensive’.

I am very proud of this and I thank Sol for that.

Sol has also helped me develop multiple resources some for sale and some free. I have drafted resources but he has been very adept at editing them, formatting them (especially for consistency) and making them technologically accessible. I continue to develop resources with Sol.

Thank you Sol. I couldn’t have developed my ecommerce services and all it contains without you and I am grateful for that.

Knowledgeable, amicable and very helpful

Aotearoa Insurance Logo

Sol is lots of fun to work with and has great ideas!  So happy to have such a fantastic website online.  It also looks great on the iPad and Mobile phone.  He knows his stuff!

Fun to work with and has great ideas

The Library Bar
Sol has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  A consummate professional with wide knowledge.  His help has been so valuable and I would highly recommend Sol if you are looking to create a website or online eCommerce website.  His after-care and support is always available so you gain the benefit of a long-term relationship too.  Thank you so much Sol, I look forward to working with you on future projects.

Sol has been an absolute pleasure to work with

Rangihoua Logo

Purple Dog brought our website into this century with a new look and very slick professional and user friendly site.  Our website was also rated “Excellent” by the New Zealand Retailers Association! Thanks Sol

Fantastic Service

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