Custom Solutions
Custom solutions to fit your needs

As a one-stop-shop solutions provider, we are pleased to offer customers who require additional or specialised functionality, a range of customised solutions. These could range from any of the following;

  • software integration
  • software upgrades
  • bug-fixes
  • app integration
  • custom script development
  • existing functionality enhancement

In particular, we offer managed solutions to enable our clients to focus on the core aspects of the business.

This could be anything from managed email marketing, content management writing services (e.g. for website, PR copy, and other advertising mediums), managed advertising campaigns (e.g. print advertising), general business consultancy and more.

We recognise that no two companies’ needs are the same and as such, custom solutions are ‘tailor-made’. Custom solutions offer the best result for more complex needs.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, we’d be happy to provide a quote.


Recent Client Comments

Oneroa Accident Medical Centre

Sol has been amazing to work with.

He is down to earth, easy going and has great lines of communication.

Sol has been very accommodating and has gone out of his way to meet our needs.

The work he has put in to our websites have been top notch, the process is transparent and easy; We highly recommend his services to others.

Sol has been amazing to work with

Sol, thank you for doing a great job on my website.  My original website I designed and put together myself, it was a bit of a fumble, hence my decision to use an actual Web Developer to create a newer and professional site, you successfully created just that.  It was good to work with you and a relief to know I could request site changes and you would do what you do best and implement those.  I’m incredibly grateful for all the work you’ve done and appreciate your patience with me in coming up with the finished product.

Sol, thank you for doing a great job on my website

151 website design

Sol has been great to work with on our new website. His friendly and consultative approach coupled with his extensive knowledge and experience were invaluable to our project. Without his expertise and guidance, we would have been lost! Sol provided a professional and complete service tailored to suit our needs, and I am grateful for his helpfulness during our project.

Extensive knowledge and experience were invaluable to us

Our business has certainly benefited from Sol’s expertise, knowledge, vision and experience. I would highly recommend Sol to any business.

I would highly recommend Sol to any business

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