During the weeks of December 2020, we will be undertaking a shift of domain registrars, due to the closure of our existing partner. This changeover, while forced upon us, does mean that ultimately, we will be able to offer additional services and better security to you, our valued customers.

In summary: There is nothing that you need to do during this process - however, if you receive a notification email you can safely disregard it - you should not need to take any action or click on any link.

We do not expect  this change to have any significant impact on our customers, as it is a cosmetic move. However out of courtesy, we would like to advise that we will be modifying registrant information to use our internal email for the duration of the move - these will be reverted once the changeover's complete.  This is partly due to technical limitations with how the current registrar system is set up.

If you have any concerns please do get in touch.

Our Status Page will be updated when the work is complete:

https://www.purpledogdesign.com/clients/serverstatus (login required)


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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