eCommerce & Online Shop – Empower Your Business

  1. Sell your products and services online
  2. Accept Credit Cards and other forms of payment
  3. Let customers manage their own account with you
  4. Easy to use Order Management system
  5. Wide range of extendable features available

eCommerce & Online Shops

Whether you have an existing website, or you need a new one – an eCommerce & Online Shop solution will change the way you do business - for the better - by enhancing your ability to generate revenue.

It doesn’t matter what you sell – whether it’s physical merchandise such as soap, art, clothes or toys; or more intangible products such as holidays, downloadable goods (images, calendars or ebooks); or services such as tours, accommodation bookings, shows, or paid subscriptions – the ability to take payment via credit card, or via Paypal, or online banking or all of them – is not only sensible, it's essential.

Buyers are hard to find at the best of times. Don't let them leave your site without completing a transaction because you don't have a shopping cart! Instead, when a buyer visits your site, make the sale and take the payment there and then!

We provide a full service to help you get the most out of selling online, including the full integration of any eCommerce & Online Shop solution into your website.

Once you're up an running, you can sell products or services to anybody in the world - or simply sell to your local clients! Speak with us about your objectives and we'll advise you on the best solution, build the functionality to meet your needs and provide ongoing support to assist you when you need it.

We work with proven shopping cart technology and partner with the best payment gateways to enable your online shopping customers to checkout quickly, easily and seamlessly.


Here are just a few of the features of an eCommerce & Online Shop typical solution:

  • unlimited products
  • product image galleries
  • secure checkout
  • membership area
  • online credit card payment processors
  • discount coupon codes
  • multiple shipping rates (sell to any destination)
  • and many more features…


Online shopping is set to grow – so now is the time to take advantage.

We’re here to discuss your needs, so why not get a quote today and find out more about how Purple Dog’s eCommerce & Online Shops solutions could transform your business.