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This is an Notice to all customers who may be using Google Gmail to send email via their domain name.  Your email might be having sending issues!  Please note, this is not an issue to do with or caused by Purple Dog or any of our servers or services.  This is an issue that has originated from Google.

*What's Happened?*

In the last 5 days, it appears Google Gmail has had some kind of issue with their system which has affected anyone sending domain based emails through Gmail (a domain based email is for example when you use [email protected] - set up inside the send mail as section in Gmail).  

It is strange that this Google Gmail issue has not been officially notified or reported.  However, there are hundreds of people reporting an issue here:

and here:


*Are you Affected?*

Have you sent an email from your domain through Gmail and received a message like this back?

"You no longer have access to [email protected] To send this email, choose a different ‘from’ address and try again. Learn more at"

If you've received one of the above emails bounce back errors, then you are affected and you should follow the steps below as soon as possible, because this may have caused any emails you've sent in the last few days to not be received.


*What Can You Do?*

The answer according to the above threads - is to delete and then re-add the "send mail as" email account and password in the Gmail settings screen - however, you will need to know what settings to use and your domain based email username and password to continue.  If you do, follow these instructions:

1) On a computer, in Gmail, click the gear icon  in the upper-right corner near your profile photo;'

2) Click "See all settings";

3) Under the Settings header at the top, click the heading tab "Accounts & Import";

4) If you have a custom / "Domain Based Email" e.g. [email protected] set up in the "Send mail as:" (shown below) you will need to delete and re-add it. Doing this will not delete any existing emails from your account, but it will "reset" the error.  You will need to know the password for each of the domain emails.

Example of Send Mail setting

5) Once you've deleted and re-added your "Send mail as" account, Gmail will send you a verification code via email to that domain based email, so you will need to be able to receive emails to be able to access the verification code.  If you need to, you can log into your domain webmail account at for example: (and use the account email and password) to retreive the verification code.  

6) You may also need to go through the same process if you have a "Check email from other accounts:" section set up.

7) And once you've completed all of this, you may wich to go back through your sent mail folder to see who you have emailed in the last 4 or 5 days and if necessary, you might want to send the emails again!


For further support, you may wish to read this article;


If you need more support, please contact us.

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

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