Gunters Vegan Cakes

It’s not every day that someone writes a recipe book, let alone one dedicated to vegan cakes! So when Gunter Eberwein approached us to help him create an ebook – and the accompanying website to sell it, we were very excited – especially since he was offering free tastings !!

Gunter is a talented chef who originally hails from Germany and now lives in Australia. Over the course of several years, he has put together over 100 delicious vegan cake recipes, and gathered some beautiful photography of the baking process and finished cakes too.

The issue for Gunter was one that is, unfortunately, common to most start-up artists, musicians, writers and creative types all over the world!  Having great “material” – idea or product – is not usually enough in itself – it’s just the beginning.  The real question is “how on Earth do I get myself out there and get noticed?”.

Being a part-time musician and composer myself, I know how hard it can be to jump from being the creator to the marketer.  With this in mind, I wanted to make Gunters eBook distinctly personalised – a vegan recipe ebook that would not only be great for making vegan cakes, but would also tell a good story about the “artist” himself – some history and where the recipe inspiration came from.

After sampling quite a few delicious cakes, we ended up with an eBook that has over 70 easy to follow recipes, with background information, step by step instructions, and awesome images to accompany it.

The next job was to set up a website to sell the eBook.  In truth, that was a much easier job, since the design and functionality largely fell out of the eBook.  Facebook was next and that has also proven to be another very popular avenue for publication of short snippets and of course, direct feedback.

Overall, Gunter’s Vegan Cakes eBook has sold extremely well from the website – with many satisfied customers writing reviews and thank-you notes.  Visit the website and take a good look around and perhaps buy yourself (or your mum / girlfriend / lover / husband!) a Vegan Cake eBook:

Here’s what Gunter had to say about our work:

Sol & his company Purple Dog were recommended to me and from the moment we made contact, I knew I’d made the right choice.   Sol has provided me with a professional website and eBook product that I am proud of.  Purple Dog was definitely the right choice for my business and I would not hesitate to recommend Sol’s services…

Gunter Eberwein, Business Owner, Gunter’s Vegan Cakes