1. Protect your website with multiple data backups (including offsite)
  2. Frequent software updates & security patches
  3. Active website monitoring for issues e.g. traffic peaks
  4. Monthly activity report by email (includes Google report)
  5. Free Annual Review for tweaks, fixes and other changes
  6. Discounted hourly rates for any additional work


About Club Purple

Club Purple is a service offering enhanced security and other benefits to existing Purple Dog customers*

We provide extra value to you, in exchange for your on-going commitment to us: win - win!

1. We Keep Your Website Software Up-To-Date

The biggest weakness in any website is outdated software. With Club Purple, you receive updates to your website software on a regular basis, whenever a patch is available (typically twice per week). This helps to ensure that your site is up-to-date, safe from known security issues and also benefiting from the most recently added features. Keeping software up to date is vital as it offers the best defence against hackers and identified bugs. Unless you’re confident in doing this yourself, you can relax as we will handle these software updates for you.

2. We Perform Daily, Weekly & Monthly Backups

Standard webhosting clients receive one backup per week, which is overwritten each time the backup runs. This means your backup is a snapshot of the last 7 days. With Club Purple, we keep multiple copies – daily, weekly and monthly – of your website files and website related databases in case there is ever a need to restore your site from a previous version. Backups are stored both on and off-site to ensure maximum protection. For e-commerce online shops and stores that are processing multiple orders per day, we offer optional increased frequency database backups (up to every 5 minutes) where required. Please note: Club Purple backups are of your website files and databases only - and this suits 99% of our customers.  It does not include your cPanel / Hosting account, or related emails, nor does it include e.g. any Gmail or other external data e.g. your Dropbox files or other.  If you require multiple cPanel backups, or multiple external data backups, these can be arranged at additional cost - In such cases, we recommend that you let us know prior to ordering, so that we may confirm your requirements.

3. We Provide a Monthly Report

Receive an email PDF detailing what’s been happening on your site. Click here to see a sample report and find out more.

The report includes:

  • the number of software updates
  • number of backups performed,
  • website uptime
  • basic Google Analytics (site stats e.g. how many visitors you received) - assuming we have installed GA for you.

4. We Pro-actively Monitor Your Site

Whilst we monitor every customer that we host, Club Purple members receive a little more attention. We monitor your site traffic and may apply small tweaks to any aspect of your site or files, where we feel it will be of benefit. Non Club Purple members can opt to pay for this at hourly rates.

5. Free Annual Reviews

In addition to the above, we offer to provide a courtesy 30 minute annual review, either by phone, Skype or face to face - where practical.  During the review you can let us know about any minor changes that you'd like made to your website - for example, a text change - or you can use the review to ask about any service related matters, or simply get some professional advice and guidance at no additional cost*.  To book your review - please get in touch.

6. Option to Add TimeBlocks at Discounted Rates

While you are a Club Purple member, you can enjoy lower hourly or project related costs.  These are available either ad-hoc / as and when needed, or through our enhanced level of service called TimeBlocks: in summary, time is charged at a discounted cost.  The more hours you agree to, the lower the hourly rate!  Please ask for more details.


Club Purple per each single website is from $20 month (plus GST where applicable), depending on the complexity of your site. Fees are payable annually in advance.

TimeBlocks: Cost is dependent upon the number of hours you purchase. Fees are payable monthly in advance.  Please ask for more details.

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* Terms and Conditions apply.