Season's Greetings to all !

Our team work hard through-out the year to bring you the best dedicated services and look forward to the end of year break to take a well deserved rest with family.

Whilst we understand "issues" don't take holidays, we will be operating restricted hours over the holiday period and we encourage you to do the same, if you can!

Thank you for your consideration and understanding and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a safe and festive holiday, wherever you may be!


Normal Office Hours

Last day of normal business will be on Monday 18th December - re-opening again for normal business on 15th January 2019.

Phone support for normal / ordinary business enquiries will not be available during this period.


Getting Help


  • Emergency support will be available through-out this period via the client portal Emergency Support System (log in required)


  • OR via the phone emergency option by calling 09 950 4676 and listening carefully to the options.

    Please kindly note that non-emergency and general enquiries will incur a delay in response and may not be responded to until 15th January 2019.

    • Do NOT open an emergency ticket unless it is a genuine emergency (e.g. server down, website offline, no email).
    • A call out fee of NZD$250 will be applicable for all emergency tickets opened, that we consider not to be genuine emergencies.

Urgent Support

  • If it's NOT an emergency, but it is URGENT - please open a ticket and mark it as HIGH priority / Urgent.
  • Urgent enquiries will be dealt with at our discretion and you should expect a delayed response.

All Other Enquiries / Sales Enquiries

  • For all other enquiries, please consider waiting until January 15th, or expect a delayed response.
  • All other and sales enquiries will incur a longer delay in response and may not be responded to until 16th January.

Self Help Resources:

  1. Please check our knowledgebase, in case the query you have is already answered there.
  2. Please check THIS LINK to see if you can find the answer



Please note that any invoice that is due for payment must still be paid on time.  An extra grace period will be added for bank transfers.


All the best from Purple Dog

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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