Evaluating Your Online Security

We frequently see reports of Spam and “Phishing” emails in our support queue.  In the media, we read about “Ransomware” and other online security concerns – usually high profile Hacking or DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks. The hacking of Yahoo … Read More

Stay safe from hackers

Consider this scenario; You live in a house that’s insured. It has a smoke alarm installed to protect your family in the event of a fire. When you go off to work in the morning, you lock your house to … Read More

New Zealand Retailers Targeted by Cyber Attackers

Online security is a constant battle. Recently, a government-backed agency has released information showing that a number of NZ businesses including a large NZ retail store had been targets of cyber criminals.  We have also seen the number of hacking … Read More

Custom Website Design – Why WordPress?

Purple Dog Design prefers to work with the ubiquitous WordPress platform, primarily because it’s Open Source. This means there’s a large developer community continually enhancing and releasing updates, to ensure it stays the best, most secure and most up to … Read More