Digital Security and Privacy Checkup

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During 2020 the internet has seen unprecedented use due to Covid19 – unfortunately, this has also meant an increase in bad actors.

We have seen large increases in unauthorised access attempts – especially from so called ‘brute force attacks’ – script bots that “sit” on login pages and try many thousands of possible logins.

Why do they do it? They are keen to break in to sites to steal information, to send out spam, to demand ransoms, or worse, to create ‘botnet groups’ for further mayhem through malicious acts.  When hacking occurs, it causes huge disruption, messing up your website, causing hours of time to fix, creating distress and of course can be quite damaging for you and your customers.

Soon, NZ clients will also need to report hacking breached via the updated NZ Privacy Laws and could be subject to large fines for negligence.

Our strong recommendations (most of these have or will become mandatory for our customers);

  1. Ensure you are a paid up member of the Club Purple maintenance plan.
  2. Use Google reCaptcha for website logins (especially important for ecommerce sites).
  3. Update your primary domain DNS to utilise CloudFlare CDN – this provides a speed boost to your website as well as a powerful additional firewall.
  4. Where possible implement Two Factor Authentication.
  5. Make sure passwords are up to date, not used elsewhere, and are strong.

In regard to Privacy, all of the above are important to help protect your – and your customer’s – data.  To comply with the 2020 Privacy Law update, you must also have a robust Privacy policy and comprehensive plan in place.

We offer both a Security Review (starting at $120 +GST) and a Privacy Review (starting at $85 + GST), or both as a package (starting at $155 +GST)

You will receive a detailed report along with recommendations that you can either implement yourself, or that we can implement for you at agreed additional cost.

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