Rock IT Acquired by Purple Dog Design in Association with Waiheke Techs

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Rock IT alliancePurple Dog Design Ltd, in association with Waiheke Techs Ltd, are pleased to announce the formal alliance between Purple Dog Design Ltd and Waiheke Techs Ltd, in relation to the takeover, management and servicing of the Rock-IT business on Waiheke Island.

It’s important to us that all Rock IT customers feel reassured.  All existing Rock IT customer’s services will continue as normal without interruption, whether you have any email service, Waiheke computer service, off-site backup services, SAAS services, Waiheke Technical Support or other.  The only difference at this point is the change of management and support from Mark Andrew-Neal to Purple Dog or Waiheke Techs.

We are excited to be working together and we both look forward to being of assistance for any existing, or new service requirements:

Contact Sol at Purple Dog: 09 950 4676 or contact us here
Contact Briin at Waiheke Techs: 09 372 7750 or 0220 343 188

About the alliance partners

Purple Dog and Waiheke Techs are both locally based on Waiheke and working as a team, to ensure maximum continuity for all Rock-IT customers.  Our combined expertise and complimentary skill sets means we are able to offer Waiheke businesses a wide range of professional services, for maximum convenience and benefit.

At Purple Dog Design Ltd, we specialise in professional online services; websites, online shops and eCommerce (online booking and payment systems).  We’ve been on Waiheke Island since 2002 and service a wide variety of clients on and off the island.  We provide a range of additional services such as; website security and maintenance; website hosting and domain names; email systems such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, etc; Newsletter and social media services; integrated online marketing through e.g. Facebook or Google Adwords. You can find out more about Purple Dog at

Briin Gould at Waiheke Techs Ltd specialises in all things computers on Waiheke!  He sells and services computers, tablets and smartphones working on all software and hardware issues, with all the significant brands including HP, Apple Mac, Asus, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo, IBM, Samsung, Gateway etc. He also does broadband / network and printer installations on Waiheke Island, computer repair, insurance claims, data recovery, upgrades, one-one training, virus preventatives & removal, troubleshooting, Wifi, screen repairs, liquid spill repairs and so on. You can see more about Briin at

Between us we are confident that we can meet most requirements.  If you would like to discuss any question, query or concern – please do contact us on the numbers below.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and attention.  We and look forward to working with you.

Kind regards
Sol Harris
Owner Purple Dog Design Ltd
09 950 4676 or contact us here

Briin Gould
Owner Waiheke Techs Ltd
09 372 7750
0220 343 188