Website re-design

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Purple WaveNotice anything different about the Purple Dog website?  We’ve been upgrading – welcome to our new site!

We will be publishing featured articles over the coming weeks and months. These free articles will provide tips on how and what you can do to improve you own website and e-Marketing strategies – so now everyone can benefit from the Purple Dog.

Have a browse through the articles on the right. As we find the time to write new articles, the amount of free advice that we will provide will steadily increase. You are welcome to read, download and quote them (as long as you provide a link to us!).

The Purple Dog team have been busy improving our own website so that we can better showcase our talents and provide more specific information on our webdesign and emarketing portfolio.

We have also incorporated a blog with an archive and a featured timeline that will facilitate easier navigation and we hope, encourage increased participation from you – our valued customers.  Feel free to comment!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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