WordPress 3.8 has been released

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Wordpress 3.8 Admin Colours
WordPress 3.8 Admin Colours

A new software version of WordPress has been released which focusses on admin aesthetics and updates.

By introducing a modern, new design that the company calls its “most beautiful update yet”, users can “re-skin” their admin experience by choosing their colour preferences “to match their personality”.

Some of the key new features are:

  • Modern design: The new WordPress dashboard is uncluttered.
  • Better typography: Introducing Open Sans typeface – a modern font that optimized for desktop and mobile viewing.
  • Responsive on any device: With better contrast and large, comfortable type the new layout is easy to read and navigate on any device.
  • Admin color schemes: You can now choose from eight new admin color schemes, which can be previewed and changed by going to Users > Profile page.
  • Automatic updates: minor updates (for security / maintenance) are applied without the need for your involvement.
WordPress 3.8 has arrived!
The new WordPress 3.8 layout.

Whilst keeping your software installation up to date is vital, it can be beneficial to wait a week or two after a new update has been announced.

A common issue with software is the premature release of an update that’s not fully stable – often due to all the excitement around “getting it out there”.  By waiting a week or two, it is easier to evaluate feedback from other users who are often eager to test it. Their discovery of any fresh issues can mean that the update is re-released (an update to the updated version) with additional bug fixes or patches that missed the original launch. Without knowing it, your fellow users saved you from lost productivity! Although the new “automatic minor updates” feature should substantially mitigate exactly this kind of issue, we still recommend waiting a week.

If you have a maintenance agreement with Purple Dog, we will update WordPress for you. Please open a new support ticket.  Alternatively, if you would like to perform the update yourself, please remember to make a backup of your web site files and database before proceeding so that you can revert back if anything goes wrong.

Read more about WordPress 3.8 on the WordPress website