My customer says there is a problem on my site

We understand that it can be distressing and a shock to hear your customer tell you that "there's a problem on your website" or "I'm trying to do something on your website, but it's not working", or "Your website is broken" or similar!

Your first reaction might be to contact us, which would be understandable - however,   we ask that you please follow the steps below so that we can best assist you and your clients.

Basic first checks;

Wherever possible, ask your customer for the following information as it will help us enormously.  Without it, we are "in the dark".

  1. exact page URL or address they are having difficulties with
  2. time and date of the issue
  3. name of the browser they are using
  4. what kind of network they are on: wifi, or mobile
  5. the precise problem the encountered
  6. what error message they saw
  7. how long the error lasted for / or is still happening
  8. if they have tried from a different device or network

If possible, please also ask for the following information:

  1. A screenshot of the trouble
  2. Their IP address - you can ask them to visit this site and tell you their IP

Secondary checks;

Once you have gathered as much information as mentioned above, please perform the following tasks;

  1.  Check the reported issue yourself in one or (preferably) two browsers; Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge or Safari and / or in "incognito / private" mode
  2.  If the issue is still present and we host your website, please wait 10 minutes and try again.
  3.  If the issue is still present, check our Network Issues page to see if your site might be affected by any current service related issue.
  4.  Also check our resolved issues page as resolved issues can sometimes still cause "hangovers" or delayed resolution in some cases.
  5.  If the issue is still present, please feel free to open a support ticket and provide all of the information as requested above.


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