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Article in Waiheke's Gulf News
Article in Waiheke’s Gulf News – click to enlarge

Sol Harris and Purple Dog are interviewed for the Waiheke Island Gulf News this week.

And thanks to some great writing from Gulf News journalist Julianne Evans, the piece is a welcome PR boost for what promises to be, the beginning of some very interesting projects over the next few months… but more on that later….

Although the local paper primarily serves the Hauraki Gulf Islands and therefore has a relatively small readership, it’s surprising how far this little paper manages to travel…..  Auckland City for a start, since it’s sold in a few places downtown and also finds its way across to the mainland thanks to the many daily commuters.  I’ve heard of it travelling to far off places too as tourists take a copy home or friends post them overseas (it has quite a cult following!)

It’s great to be able to notify the local community that Purple Dog is not just for international customers.

Sol even put on a nice shirt for the occasion, so if you haven’t yet seen the article, you can read it in full here

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