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One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "How do I log in to my website?"

The answer is - it depends on the kind of website you have!

WordPress Website Login
If you have a website that has been built with a Content Management System, such as WordPress, you can usually access the admin panel by typing the word 'login' at the end of your domains name.  For example, if your domain name is - you should try   You can also try to enter the following alternative:

Forgotten Password - Wordpress Site
If you have forgotten your WordPress login password, you can usually retrieve it by visiting the login page and clicking on the "Forgot Password?" link.  You will then be asked to enter your username or email address and the password reset process will begin.  You will need to check your email (and possibly your spam folder) to ensure you receive the password reset instructions.  If you can no longer remember your username or user email address, you may need to contact us.

Static Website Login
If your website has been built on a platform other than WordPress - in other words it is a static website, or we have built it on a different platform, you may or may not have a login capability, it will depend on whether this feature has been included.  You may need to contact us to discuss.

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