Add a Post in WordPress + Video Tutorial

You might also think of a "Post" as a news item or blog article.  Although the Post editor screen looks similar to the Page editor screen, a Post is different because typically, a Post will usually be displayed on you News (or recent articles) section on the front end of your website.  Whereas, a Page on the other hand, is more of a permanent feature e.g. Home or About Us etc.  

Using Posts, you can write updates on your site, share news articles with your visitors, or "blog" about what you've been up to. As you write posts, they are auto-saved every so often.

Watch Video Tutorial

Add a WordPress Post: Video Tutorial


To publish a new post

1. Log in to your website's WordPress admin, click on Posts on the left menu, then “Add New”.

2. Choose a title for your post. Remember that the title you choose will be the website URL (address).  For SEO purposes, the post title is important, so keep it on topic.

3. Next, click into the large writing area and start writing your text. You can use the formatting options if you wish.

4. Once you are happy with your post, on the right, under Publish you will see Save Draft, Preview or Publish as well as the option to password protect the post, or to set a future publishing date. It’s recommended to Save Draft before publishing – obviously the latter means it is live on your site. Once you’ve saved the draft, you’ll be asked if you want to view it – allowing the option to check for problems. There’s also a spell checker on the formatting bar.

5. Select the correct Post Category (located under Publish section) to publish your post in (if there are multiple to select, choose the one that’s most appropriate for your post – e.g. news or featured).  If you don't see any categories, you can either create a new one (think of categories as "folders"), or you could just ignore this and the post will be added to your default post category.

6. Finally, add some keywords in the Post Tag section. These help users to quickly find items on your site with similar topics and may also help search engines when they index your site.

7. When you’re fully content, you can publish to the live site – then go and check to make sure everything is as you expected.

8. If you wish, you may also add an image or media to your Post.  To do so, place your cursor where you would like to insert the image, then click Add Media button.

Add a Post to Wordpress


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