Domain Transfer - What Do I Need to Know ?

When you transfer a domain name to Purple Dog, there are a few things to know about:


It is your responsibility to read and agree to the following points. If there's something you're not sure about, or you don't understand - you MUST contact us ASAP prior to transfer.

To update your domain name DNS settings to point your domain(s) to the Purple Dog server, you will need to go through several steps:

(1) Obtain the UDAI / EPP / Domain Passcode - you can usually retrieve this from your current (losing) registrar - or from your old IT team - or from wherever you currently host the domain name.

(2) To begin the transfer, you can either login to your Purple Dog account and start the process yourself - or you could contact us and have us transfer the domain for you.

(3) Once the domain transfer has been set up, you will need to provide approval for the transfer to start.  Once the process starts, it can take between 5 minutes (for locally held domains) to 7 days (for e.g. dot com domains) to complete.

(4) When you have completed the domain transfer, you may wish to update the DNS settings. By updating your DNS settings, you can modify "where your domain name points" - for example which server will receive traffic on your domain name and / or what email provider will manage your mail records. You can either login to your Purple Dog account to do this, or contact us to have us help you.  

(5) Notice: When you change your domain DNS it could mean you lose access to your current web server or current email provide - so caution is needed.

IMPORTANT: When any DNS changes are made to your domain name, it can affect delivery of your email / website / other services. If you have any doubts, please let us know prior to making any changes to you domain's DNS settings.

(6) Once you (or us if you have asked us to help you) have made the changes to the domain name DNS, the new details will need some time to get updated across the internet. This is a normal procedure and is known as 'DNS propagation'. Domain name propagation changes can take between 24 - 48hrs to fully propagate across the globe, though usually (especially locally) it may only take a few hours. During this time, your website visitors are likely to experience delays when loading your website and may also see a temporary "under maintenance" message.

(7) It is important to note that when the DNS changeover happens, it is highly likely (but not in all cases) that you will at that point, lose access to any previous login / access to the old website or losing server that may have existed previously with your domain. Because of this, YOU MUST ENSURE - if you need to - that you have made a copy / downloaded any information you would like to keep from the old server prior to the domain transfer taking place, because you may not be able to access it afterwards. We will not be responsible for any lost access, so please double check on your side whether you need to copy any information, or data you need from the losing server.

(8) When DNS switchover happens, you may also lose access to any email that is currently routed through the losing server, including email folders, address lists etc that may be set up on the old server. Please ensure you have discussed this with us prior to switchover.

(9) When the DNS changeover happens, it is possible (though not in every case) that your device email settings may need to be updated.  If they point to your old service provider, you (or us) will need to update them so that they point to the new Purple Dog server. We can assist you with these changes - please let us know if we have not already agreed this detail with you.

(10) It is recommended that DNS changes be made during a period of low activity - e.g. over a weekend or public holiday to keep downtime to a minimum.


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