Resend a previously sent email

Resend a sent campaign

Permission required to use this feature: reports.  If you don't have this permission, please contact us or your account administrator

To copy a sent campaign so you can resend it:

  1. Click Campaigns and navigate to Sent in the left side menu
  2. Find the sent campaign you want to copy, then click its three-dot menu (available when viewing as a list or thumbnails).
  3. Choose Copy from the available options:
    The "Copy" option highlighted from the overflow menu for a sent campaign
  4. Once copied, the previously sent email will be added to the top of Drafts section, or you can click the shortcut link from the notification to open the "Campaign Snapshot" page.
    The "duplication successful" notification, with a link to the new draft
  5. Use the Edit buttons and links (for example, "edit HTML" or "Edit text") to make any required changes, then click Define recipients.
  6. Select or import new recipients, then click Next. The updated campaign snapshot will show the new recipients.
  7. Click Test and define delivery to complete the final stages of your campaign send.

Copying a sent campaign will not affect reports for the previously sent campaign in any way.

Recent emails

As an alternative to copying an entire campaign, you can create a new campaign, then choose a design based on a previous email you have sent — so long as you didn't import it from your computer or the web.

To do so:

  1. Click Campaigns.
  2. Click Create a new campaign at the top right.
  3. After you enter your campaign details, click Next.
  4. Select Recent emails in the left sidebar.
    The "Recent emails" section, shown when starting a new campaign
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