Edit a WordPress Page or Post

Please note that you may need admin rights to edit pages or posts

Editing an existing post / page is fairly straight-forward since once you have opened it, you are presented with the options.

1. Login to WordPress admin and click on the selected Page or Post at left. If you can’t see it on that page, you may need to use the next button at top or bottom right to search through the various posts / pages. You can also use the search filter at the top of the page.

2. Once you’ve located the post / page you want to edit, highlight your mouse over it. Several options will appear.

3. If you only want to change the name or category, you can use quick edit.  Otherwise, click edit to open the post or page. You can now make the changes you require.

4. When complete, be sure to click on "UPDATE" before leaving the page.

5. Check the post on your live site to ensure it is displaying correctly.

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