Using the '' Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet, located in the JPEG images folder in our shared folder, is to assist us with understanding where you'd like your images featured on your site. 
The spreadhseet fields are explained below:

Image Name - This is what you have labelled your image as in the folder e.g. 'exampleimage.jpg'. This helps us to locate the image in the search bar and saves us time, especially if there are many images in the folder to look through. 

Where should this image end up? - This is where you'd like the image featured on your new website. For example 'Right side of About Us page'. This helps us to recognise your vision, it's your chance to tell us how you want the images to be formatted. 

Title of image (not necessarily shown) - This is what the image will be titled when it's inputted into the website, the title might not be seen by others but is great for Search Engines. For example, 'profile image at King's Cross'. 

Image caption / description - This will be displayed next to or (usually) underneath the image when it's on the website. For example 'I have 42 years of experinece of life as we know it. I am available for hire'. It gives the viewer a small description of what the image is there to illustrate.

Size preference - This is the size you would like your image on the page of your website. Either small, medium or large. 

Should this link somewhere? - When the viewer clicks the image, do you want it to link to another part of your site or someone else's site. The link should be relevant to the image. When updating this field, you should leave the full URL address if it is an external site, for example, '' or if it is an internal link then you can say, for example, link to testimonials page.

Additional info - This is a field for any other notes that you may have for us, for example, you may want us to crop something off the image or you might need the image to be resized.

This spreadsheet is really important for us to understand your vision, we appreciate you taking the time to fill this in.

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