Account Verification

For certain requests, we are obliged to evaluate the veracity of information provided to prevent fraud.

Please do not be alarmed or take it personally if we ask you to provide verification. Indeed, we thank you for your understanding in this matter which is designed to help ensure the safety and protection of all parties. 

In most cases, verification is a very simple process and we do our best to be efficient and courteous.  While we try to limit any inconvenience, please recognise that this process is important and there can sometimes be delays as verification is a manual process that does not occur immediately or automatically.

You may be asked to provide verification in the following circumstances;
  1. Transactions greater that $150 where a cheque payment is provided;
  2. Transactions greater than $250 where a credit card / PayPal payment is provided;
  3. New account set-ups where we are unable to verify specific information;
  4. Requested changes to the primary account holder on an account;
  5. Change of / transfer of business ownership;
  6. Transfer of asset(s), domain(s), license(s) or other account facets;
  7. Account cancellation;

Please provide the requested information at your earliest convenience to ensure your request is actioned as soon as possible.

How to Provide Verification

In all circumstances where verification is required, we will write to you at your provided email address to request the specific information that we need.  If you do not reply with 7 days, we will close the enquiry and consider the matter resolved.

Verify via Secure support department ticket

If you are a registered user, we recommend that you submit all information through our secure portal.  To submit a ticket through our secure support system, sign in to your account and submit a "Secure Information Request". via the support area. 

Verify via General support ticket

If you are not a registered client, or your account is no longer active, please communicate via reply to the email we will send you, that is requesting you to supply information.

If we request Additional ID Confirmation

If we are unable to verify the authenticity of your submitted information, we may request further ID confirmation from you. In such circumstances, we will request this from you in the email support ticket communication.  You will need to provide at least one of the following items to help us to verify that you are the authorised contact / registered person on the account:
  • A valid photo ID such as a Identity Card, Citizenship Certificate, Passport or Driver's License, showing your authorised name and address;
  • A recent utility bill related to the business, showing your authorised name and address;
  • A valid credit card - you may redact (censor) all but the last 4 digits of the credit card number for your protection, but please ensure the full name and expiration date are legible.

Unfortunatly, we will need to continue to request Additional ID until we are satisfied that we can accurately confirm your authorisation on the account.

Unverified Accounts

If you are asked to provide verification, or additional ID and we do not hear from you within 7 days (e.g. you decide not to provide the information requested), we may cancel your original request.

If you currently have a closed or unverified account, you will be asked to provide additional ID confirmation.

In the case of new account signups, where you have paid a deposit or fees, if we are unable to verify the requested information, or you have elected not to respond - within 7 days, we may cancel and close your account and return any monies paid, less an administrational charge for our time (as per our standard terms).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in letting us know.

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