How do I see what services I have?

To check what services you have, please log in to your Purple Dog client account

You'll need the username and password to login - you created these when you registered on our website and a reminder was sent to you in the "Welcome" email when you first signed up with us.

You can login here: (if you can't remember your password, there is a "reset password" option on this page too).

Once you've logged in you will be able to;

  • View and update your contact details, payment preferences, and any additional account information.
  • Review the products & services you are subscribed to, including any hosting and domain names.
  • Order new products and services, for example to order domain names or other services and products.
  • Cancel any services.
  • View details of current and historical orders and invoices.
  • Submit and view Support Tickets, including submitting sensitive information.
  • Look up all emails that have been sent to you from us (including all support queries, orders, invoices and receipts).
  • Manage Domain Name DNS entries (if you have access to this)
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