Outlook 2010 / Office 365 / Outlook.com email set up

You can set up your Purple Dog hosted email so that it is received into your Outlook email client and / or Outlook smart phone app.

To do so, follow these steps;

1) Log in to your hosting account cPanel and set up the email account, if you have not already done so.

2) Make a note of the email address and password for the account, as you will need these later.

3) in cPanel ensure you make a note of the "Mail Client Manual Settings" - the server settings are provided to you in your cPanel email account set up screen - see here for more help:

Outlook 2010
For setting up the email address in Outlook 2010, see this help article;

Outlook.com / Hotmail / Office 365 / Outlook Smart Phone App
For help setting up an email address in any of these, please see this help article;

Purple Dog Set Up Service
If you are finding it difficult or would like assistance to set up your email, we can assist you at hourly rates. 

Please get in touch to discuss..

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