How do I set up email on Outlook / Other email programme?

If you have a domain name & web hosting with us, you can set up your email to send and receive via your favourite email software (e.g. Outlook or Mac Mail).

Notes before you begin

  • Please see help articles related to specific email software programmes:

  • the instructions are for setting up POP / IMAP accounts that connect directly to our server.
  • If you are using Gmail, please do not follow these instructions. Instead, read the other help article related specifically for Gmail.


All email clients have the ability to set up an new account, but first we must find out what settings to use.

  1. Log in to your cpanel account ( and navigate to the Email Management Tools section
  2. Select Add / Remove Email accounts
  3. Next to the email account you wish to set up in Outlook / Other email client, click on the MORE button (far right) and then select Configure Email Client
  4. You are then presented with information similar to the below image (click to enlarge)
  5. You can either click on Auto configure, or use the manual settings in your webmail programme.
  6. Note that your password is not displayed here - please consult the inital email we sent to you / or use the password you chose, if you set up the email yourself.
  7. In your email client - we suggest that you use IMAP rather than POP3 so that you email client simply "mirrors" your webmail (please see other article on the difference between IMAP and POP).  If you use POP, then all your email will be downloaded to your local machine and depending on your email software settings, may not be kept on the server.




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