Organise email into folders

Some users like to be able to organise their emails into folders.  If this is you, you may find the following tips helpful.

Most "native email software" - that is - software installed onto your computer, for example Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail - allows you to create folders within the email account profile.

These folders are usually then replicated if you are using IMAP to your remote / other email boxes.

However, if you are using a web based email software, for example Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook Web App - you may need to create the folders when logged in to your account.

TIP: Because Google wants to be different - or perhaps because they want to confuse users, in Gmail they have decided to call folders "labels".

Rather than going through each software application individually here - the simplest way to assist you to create email folders is to say one thing: Help document!  That's right, it's best to refer to the individual help pages for your particular email software.  You can usually open Native Email Software help pages by opening the application and then pressing on F1 key - or search at the top for Help or About links.

If you are using an online email programme, you should simply perform a Google Search to assist you in finding the correct instructions;

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