HTTP ERROR 500 is a generic error message, given when an unexpected condition was encountered and no more specific message is suitable.

It can be difficult to diagnose the exact issue because many factors can cause this error message - everything from the message displayed by the browser when  you lose internet connection, right through to a server fault, or something in between.

It could therefore either relate to a local issue, or an issue with the remote server. 

Things to try

  • Check your internet / modem connection.
  • Try reloading the webpage after one minute in case there is a network or server issue.
  • Have you made any recent changes to the website files or code? If so, try to reverse them (an error in the code may have caused the site to fail).
  • Check cPanel Error Logs to see if you can identify
  • You can try to disable (rename) or delete the .htaccess file on the public_html folder of your cPanel account

Get in touch with us if you are unable to resolve the issue.



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