503 Service Unavailable

If you see a 503 error message in the browser window, it usually indicates that the server / your website is currently unavailable.

This is usually because your website is either ;

  1. Overloaded - If your website suddenly receives a large amount of traffic (hits) - or a highly resource intensive script (or app) is running, it can spike the resources associated to your account.  Your website will show this error until the traffic subsides / the running app is terminated.
  2. Down for maintenance.  - If your server / website is temporarily offline for maintenance (very rare), this message could also show.

Generally, both of the above are usually temporary states.

Things to try
  • Check your internet / modem connection.
  • Try reloading the webpage after one minute.
  • Login to you cPanel and check the resource usage for your website.  Navigate to > Analysis & Log Files > Resource Usage Overview  -  where you can display performance charts.  Look for any warning messages.
  • Contact us via our support desk so that we may investigate.
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