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For customers that own a CMS based website such as WordPress, a wide range of content can be managed by logging into the website admin section. 

Where you have contracted Purple Dog to manage your website security and maintenance updates (e.g. if you are a Club Purple member - or if you have a similar ongoing maintenance contract with us), admin level access is usually restricted to the "Editor" or similar role, depending on the exact nature of the site setup.  With the Editor role (or similar), you can still easily manage all aspects of your site's content - for example page content, images, text, news posts or blog and the like. 

Why do we restrict access?  Access to the core CMS functionality is removed in order for us to be able to:

  1. Simplify the owner's overall experience of running the site;
  2. To prevent complications or issues occurring as a result of inadvertent changes;
  3. Enable us to provide a consistent level and quality of service;
  4. Provide an enhanced level of security.

Do I need Admin Level Access?

With WordPress for example, there are millions of "plugins" and "themes" that can be added to a site.  Literally anybody can upload a plugin or theme to the WordPress directly for others to use - and in some ways this has contributed to the success of this prodigious Open Source platform.  Whilst this sounds exciting, unfortunately the vast majority of these are unregulated (not tested by any centralised body to ensure quality).   In our experience, we have discovered that a shockingly high number of these add-ons are poorly programmed which can cause interoperability issues, performance conflicts and potentially, can expose your site to security vulnerabilities (hacking, privacy breaches, spam). 

Your site has been carefully set up and is regularly tested to work in a very specific manner, using carefully chosen settings and configurations.  In the case of an eCommerce site (e.g. WooCommerce or other Booking Software), the settings are particularly sensitive.  Making untested modifications to any settings can have unintended consequences and can result in your site being unstable or not functioning in the manner you expected.  It is so very easy to make a change that can affect the overall operation of the site and sometimes, it is not at all easy to revert these changes.  We say this from years of experience, not simply to fob you off.

What if I really, really want / need Admin Level Access

In 99% of cases, customers do not need full administrator level access to manage the content of their site.  With the Editor role, you should be able to accomplish a wide range of content management tasks.  Please take some time to consider why you really need admin level access.  If you need to have a specific job undertaken that requires admin level access, it will be far simpler and easier for you to have us undertake that for you and if you have a management plan, often at no additional cost.

We have found that it is impossible for us to properly manage a website where a customer has full admin level access.  We simply have no control over what changes / additions / modification etc are made and who has been given access to source codes etc - meaning we cannot warrant the site.  Therefore, if you really must insist on having admin level access, we can provide this to you, on the following basis;

  • Any maintenance, security or other ongoing support (management) obligations (SLAs) we have to you shall become void;
  • We may choose to continue to deliver part or all of any existing management service to you, but without any guarantee that these will be effective or work correctly;
  • Where licensed or "protected" source code, copyright software or other IP exists at the admin level that we are not obliged to provide access to, we reserve the right to either restrict access to it, remove / move ore relocate them and in doing so, this could cause some performance issues (although we will do our best to avoid any such issues);
  • Any problems that develop on your site following your admin level access being provided will be entirely your responsibility;
  • We reserve the right to decline to provide any further assistance following our provision of Admin Level access;
  • Any further assistance that we choose to provide will be charged at our Standard Rates (please enquire for current rates);
  • Emergency assistance may not be available, and if it is, it will be charged at the Non-maintained Emergency Rate (please enquire for current rates);
  • Warranties, guarantees and SLA may no longer apply.

Admin level access requires very careful consideration and the utmost care should be taken when making any changes - especially for a complex site (e.g. where any eCommerce, API or associated / related software is installed).  We strongly encourage you to reconsider why you need access.  If you still really want or need access, please open a support ticket.


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