Staying Safe Online!

Please keep safe online and remember the following tips!

  1. Always use a secure and unique password containing a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters;
    1. Use an online password generator to ensure your password is strong:
  2. Consider updating / changing your password at least once a year - make sure it is strong and hard to guess;
    1. You can use an online password generator to ensure your password is strong:
  3. NEVER share passwords or "reuse" passwords across sites - if one gets hacked you can be vulnerable on all of the others
  4. Don't share passwords with other people, unless it's essential - they should have their own account!
  5. When configuring your email client, use the SSL option for enhanced security
  6. Don't send passwords across email (email is not always safe!)
  7. Do keep your password somewhere safe and not easily accessible
  8. We recommend using a Password Manager such as
  9. Ensure to close webmail sessions / or logout when done online on any website 
  10. Be careful in internet cafes or public places as your login info can be intercepted
  11. Where possible - try to use Two Factor Authentication (TFA) see article here
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